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Climate-related data portals catalogue to improve knowledge transfer

The Belgian Climate Centre made a catalogue of Belgian and international data and information portals linked to its four research domains: physical climate science, terrestrial, society, technology, and can be found on our website (LINK). 

This catalogue or overview of existing data and information portals is a first step to improve knowledge transfer within the research community and from research to users from policy, the public and private sector. Such a catalogue allows climate-related data and information to be easier to find and facilitates data access. 

The data and information generated within the physical climate science themes provide the raw source data (upstream) as input for more applied research linked to terrestrial, technological, or societal themes in support of climate adaptation and mitigation and usually targets sectoral users.  

The Belgian data portals catalogue includes portals which 

  • are hosted by the data producing organization or webservice developer; 

  • and provide at least metadata (in case that data is not publicly available). 

If you would like to add your data- or information portal to our catalogue feel free to reach out to us. 


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