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A federal Minister and a federal Member of Parliament visit the Belgian Climate Centre

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming two representatives from the federal government to the Climate Centre, who had contacted the Climate Centre to meet the team, tour our offices and exchange ideas on climate science and climate change.

On Tuesday 6 February, we had Federal Minister for Energy Tinne Van der Straeten visiting us, along with a few members of the cabinet. A day later, we welcomed Federal Member of Parliament Frieda Gijbels to our offices, along with some of her staff.

With Tinne Van der Straeten, we talked about the urgency of tackling climate change, the important role climate science and climate research play in this, and the impact of that research on (Belgian) climate policy.

With Frieda Gijbels, we talked about the excellent research happening in our country, both at the level of the federal and regional scientific institutions, and in the universities and the numerous research centres. We also talked about the importance of open source climate services, the creation of an expert catalogue, and the conference we are organising soon.

After both visits, there was time to test our selfie skills.


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