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Job opportunity at the Belgian Climate Centre: Permanent secretary of the Independent Climate Expert Committee (SW2)

The Belgian Climate Centre is a federal scientific structure inaugurated in November 2022 and administratively linked to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI). The Climate Centre’s mission is to maximise the impact of scientific research on climate mitigation and adaptation. The Centre has three main objectives: (1) to strengthen and strategically coordinate scientific research from the Federal Scientific Institutions, universities and research centres; (2) to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from scientists to public and private decisions makers; (3) to guide future research programmes to effectively answer the needs of decision makers in addressing the climate crisis. 

As part of its missions, the Climate Centre has been given by law (Law adopted by the federal parliament on 21 December 2023 concerning the governance of federal climate policy) the role of establishing the Permanent secretariat of the “Independent standing committee of scientific experts for monitoring and evaluation of federal climate policy” (hereafter the “Expert committee”). The Expert Committee is a standing body of five to seven experts covering a range of relevant climate policy disciplines. Its primary tasks consist in providing annual advice on the implementation and the impact of federal policies and measures, and in giving an opinion on applications for funding of different policies and measures, based on their effectiveness. It is also responsible for responding to requests for government advice on federal climate change policy. 

The Climate Centre is therefore looking to reinforce its current team with an experienced climate policy expert, who combines strong expertise in public policy evaluation (particularly in the field of climate and energy) with good strategic thinking and organizational skills. The job offers an opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a key component of the new governance architecture of the federal climate policy, and to the development of its activities. 

Job description 

As Permanent secretary of the Expert Committee, you will: 

  • Contribute to establishing the Permanent secretariat of the Expert Committee (e.g. elaborate the modalities for the operation of the secretariat, its scope of activities, interactions with the Committee and other institutions, communication plan...) 

  • Support the procedure of selection and appointment of the members of the Expert Committee  

  • Ensure the administration of the Expert Committee (organization, preparation and follow-up of meetings, etc.)  

  • Collaborate closely with the chair and vice-chair of the Expert Committee for the organization of its activities 

  • Assist the Expert Committee by carrying out all the preparatory work necessary to accomplish its missions, including by collecting, analysing, synthesizing and making available to the Expert Committee all relevant data and information in relation to: 

  • the implementation and impact assessment of federal policies and measures 

  • the requests for funding of different policies and measures, based on their efficiency 

  • any request by the government for advice on climate policies 

  • Ensure the public access to each of the advice, recommendations and reports adopted by the Expert Committee 

  • Assist the Expert Committee in preparing its annual report to the Government, the Parliament and the advisory bodies 

  • Develop and maintain contacts with Committee members and partners: public administrations and bodies (FPS Health & Environment, Federal Taskforce on climate & energy, Federal Planning Bureau, CERAC,…), climate committees of federated entities, Advisory Councils (FRDO-CFDD…), universities, etc. 

  • Keep yourself informed of the evolution of legislation, plans or methodologies relating to the function 

  • Develop research and analysis activities related to the Expert Committee’s missions 

  • Propose and write texts to outreach the work of the Expert Committee, in collaboration with the Climate Centre’s communication manager 

  • Formulate proposals for the development of the activities of the Permanent Secretariat 

  • Work in close collaboration with the Science & Policy Lead of the Climate Centre and contribute to implementing the projects of the Climate Centre in relation to the ‘science-for-policy’ interface. 


Required skills and expertise 

To be considered for this position, candidates must possess at least: 

-        A master diploma, either obtained in the Benelux or with a proof of equivalence of diploma (ENIC-NARIC) obtained in the Flemish or French Community, with preferably an orientation in one of these disciplines: political science, environmental management, economy, public administration, management engineer, bioengineer, civil engineer, mathematics, statistics, physics, geography 

-        Mimum 4 years of professional experience, of which at least 3 years in the domain of climate, energy or environmental policy assessment.  

In addition, the ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate: 

  • A good knowledge of the methodologies and approaches used for the assessment of public policies 

  • A good understanding of the different aspects of the federal climate policy and related policy domains (e.g. energy, mobility, fiscality & finance, health, circular economy, science…) 

  • A good understanding of the institutional arrangements and governance structure of climate, environment and energy policies in Belgium 

  • A good understanding of the budgetary cycle and of the public spending and investments for climate and energy policy 

  • Excellent interpersonal skills 

  • Good communication skills (written and oral) 

  • The ability to alternate between strategic thinking and more hands-on and administrative tasks 

  • Fluency in English and either French or Dutch 

  • Strong knowledge management skills 

  • Innovative and creative thinking 

  • Autonomy and sense of initiative 

  • A strategic, solution-oriented mindset. 


Our offer 

  • The opportunity to contribute to the establishment and the development of a new federal structure with strong ambitions and impact in terms of policy advice  

  • A strong, motivated, and diverse team of colleagues 

  • A full-time or 4/5 contract at the level SW2 (Scientific Assistant) of the Belgian federal scientific career 

  • Reimbursement of local public transport 

  • Options for flexible schedules and partial teleworking 



To apply for this position, please send a motivation letter and curriculum vitae by email to by 10 March 2024 including the job title in the email subject. 

Complementary information about the content of the position can be requested to the Science & Policy Lead of the Climate Centre, Etienne Hannon ( 

For information about the work conditions, please contact the Head of Human Resources of RMI, Mrs. Cindy Overloop ( 



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